Is Prostitution & Escort Service legal in Dubai?

Prostitution and escort services are legal and the norm in many parts of the world today, but not Dubai. Therefore, you could land in serious water if you attempt to start such a thing in a country which has a history of being against prostitution and escort services.

Technically, Prostitution is Illegal!

When it comes to United Arab Emirates which is popularly known as the UAE, prostitution and escort services have been dealt with extensively by the laws of that land. The general rule is that the act of prostitution and escort services are STRICTLY prohibited in the country and there is severe punishment for anyone who disobeys.

For example, it can lead to very serious flogging or long-term imprisonment. During the Ramadan season in the UAE, the judges would be moved to give the defaulters even harder punishments. The country has initiated several moves to ensure that the country is free from prostitutes. One of such measures is to deport as many prostitutes as they can back to their own country.

But Prostitution and Escort services are Widely Popular in Dubai

Despite their best efforts though, escort services and prostitution is still quite rampant in the country. In recent years, there has been a sex trade market gaining strength in Dubai. The authorities have chosen to ignore this trade market as far as it does not lead to any public embarrassment.

There are many places in Dubai which are considered to be red zones when it comes to prostitution. These areas are usually filled with different types of hotels which promote prostitution to the highest. In these hotels, it is quite easy for you to get a lot of call girls from different countries and nationality. Everything is done in private and underground to ensure that the authorities are not invited to the party.

One of the famous areas or hotels are known for the sex trade is the Moscow hotel Dubai. This hotel is usually considered to be the hub of all things sexual and it is quite easy for someone to get laid or hookup when visiting this hotel. It is also a great place to get massages which would no doubt come with happy endings.

While they are both illegal, it is still possible to engage in such activities in UAE without encountering any problems from the authorities for a very long time. However, you would have to proceed with caution as one wrong move could land you in jail.