Dubai Red Light Areas – List of All Sex Districts in Dubai

Ever wanted to visit Dubai Red Light Areas for that extra dosage of fun? Well, you are not alone! The Dubai hookers are popular all over the world for their exceptional service. And hence, you will find a lot of sex districts in Dubai and nearby places.

In every part of the world, there are places where sex can be gotten in exchange for cash. These places are usually called sex districts. This is also true in the United Arab Emirates. There are many places, like Dubai red light district, where you can get this kind of service.

Dubai Red Light Areas

While there are no confined places or areas which are known for this, there are a lot of areas and places in Dubai where you can get all the action and fun that you are looking for. Here are some of the popular Dubai Red Light Areas:


This hotel is located at Skikkat Al Khail St-Al Ras Road. When you visit this area, you would quickly notice that a lot of prostitutes would be on hand to talk to you throughout your time there. They could even throw the much-awaited question, i.e. if you are down for some action.

If you agree, they would happily escort you to your home and give you a pleasurable time of your life. These Dubai hookers are exceptionally good when it comes to pleasing men. Having a good time in this hotel and its bar is very simple as far as you have the cash to spend at any point in time. The Dubai hotel sex is popular for this very thing only.


Hyatt Regency is one of the most famous chains all over the world. And running Dubai sex club in this hotel itself increases the red light area price when it comes to hotel sex.

This hotel is located at Deira by the Al Khaleej Road. One unique thing about this hotel is that it is quite affordable as compared to other hotels, which are also located within Dubai. And that makes it popular with the Dubai hookers even more.

In the Regency, you would quickly realize how much sex workers are present. If to have sex is your aim, you can find this in abundance when you visit the Hyatt Regency. Add to that the pleasurable nights at affordable prices. You would definitely want to visit Hyatt Regency again and again whenever you think of Dubai.


The Cyclone Club Dubai is believed to be owned by an Indian who lives in London. This club is a symbol of how far the sex market has gone in the UAE so far. You will find different sex workers from all over the world. Dubai hookers are a complete mix of various countries, languages, color and body.

Regardless of your preferences, you can be sure that you would find something in these Dubai red light areas that appeals your soul when you visit here.

There are many other places which would definitely be appealing to your strong motive of having pleasure. They include:

  • Radisson SAS
  • Ramada Hotel
  • The sea view hotel
  • Rattlesnake club
  • Staying alive club which is located at the Imperial Suites Hotel
  • The Moscow hotel which is home to the red square club.

Wherever you find yourself in Dubai, you can be sure that you would have a wonderful time. Therefore, spend your next holidays in the UAE! You would surely not be disappointed. And trust us on this, you would want to return here again and again whenever you would think of sex.

Nothing can be more pleasurable as the Dubai sex.