Can Girls Wear Bikini in Dubai? – Swimwear and Beach Rules

Dubai has complex rules about women wearing bikinis or other revealing clothes. Today we will try to answer your query about what kind of dresses can girls wear on beaches or swimming pools?

Islamic Culture of Dubai

If you are moving or visiting Dubai soon, you would not doubt that Dubai has a lot of culture and fun places all strung up in one complete package. As this country is deeply rooted in Islam, there is a lot of things which people find very hard to tolerate. One of those things is the way to dress. This especially becomes an issue when it comes to swimming and what to wear. The old age questions as to whether bikini is allowed in Dubai would always pop up.

Private Beaches – Wear all the Sexy Bikinis you have

The answer to that question is that it depends on the beach you are going to. When it comes to the use of private beaches, you have almost an unlimited control of what you do. You can wear whatever you want to wear as it is assumed that the beach or pool is private and would be in use for only you.

Therefore, you can choose to expose any part of your body or wear the skimpiest bikini that you can find.

However, it is always advisable not to go nude in Dubai or the UAE, in general, to avoid getting into any trouble.

Be careful at Public Beaches

When it comes to public beaches though, you would have to be a little more careful with what you wear. You would have to make sure that you dress very modestly. This would almost certainly rule out the use of bikini.

Make sure that you get a modest swimwear. Even exposing the chest as a guy could get you a truckload of attention. The Muslim religion is very strict when it comes to the use of clothes. It would be advisable that you try to respect it during your stay in the country.

Respect the Local Culture at all times

If you live near the beach, it would be wise that you dress properly even if you just intend to stop by in some restaurant close by. By doing so, you would be showing profound respect for all that the Muslim culture stands for and you would also be ensuring that you stay out of trouble.

Expats in the country find a lot of joy when they make use of the private beach instead of public beaches.

So where you wear your bikini too should be restricted and you should strive to use discretion at all times in the UAE.


Girls can wear bikini at following places in Dubai. So let you wives and girlfriends know.

  • Private Beaches
  • Hotel Swimming Pools

You can not wear bikini or revealing clothes at the following places:

  • Public Beaches
  • Your Private Neighbourhood