Are Sex Toys Legal in Dubai?

Are you living in Dubai and looking to spice up your romantic life? If yes, then we believe that the major thing that has already come in your mind is sex toys that are considered perfect for both solos as well as couple play. However, you might be thinking whether they are legal to use in UAE or not.

If you ask us for a straightforward answer, then it is complete no. A great number of Asian and Middle East countries have changed the norms and opened the market for sex toys. However, the United Arab Emirates isn’t one of them as you can’t find them openly in the market. So, we want to say that it is technically illegal to use or sell them in Dubai. However, it doesn’t mean that one can’t buy or use them in this city.

You should know the right place to find sex toys!

Dubai administration has made strong efforts to prohibit the sale or use of sex toys over the years. However, the majority of them have failed as you can find them on many online platforms as well as shops. All you need to do is be aware of the right place to do so. In this post, we are going to tell you about this thing in detail for making sure readers can understand where to find sex toys in Dubai.

The majority of tourists who use sex toys find it very difficult to stay in this city. The reason behind that is they aren’t allowed to enter with them in UAE, and that’s why things become tougher for them. Some shops are selling them discreetly in this city. However, people normally find it very embarrassing to ask directly as the majority of them don’t know the right place.

We believe that many of them would have heard about Dragon Mart Mall located in Dubai. It is considered as the home of Chinese products in the city. There are shops in this city that sell them discreetly, but they aren’t that easier to find. You have to talk about the shop owners about them if possible.

If you find it tougher to ask about sex toys in the shops located here, then there is an easier path for you. There are certain sites like Onebedroom and that sell them and deliver it to the customer’s door discreetly. Here, you can find all types of sex toys without any problem at all.

Is it good to use sex toys in Dubai?

Well, the answer to this question varies from one person to another. Many prefer to use sex toys as their fucking machine when alone, whereas some of them even choose to go for them as a couple. In Dubai, we suggest that you should use them secretly in your room as we have already told you they are banned there.

There is a great sort of sex toys available to shop on the platforms that we have mentioned in this post. If it is your first time, then we suggest you start with the basic ones as they are easier to use and clean. The best ones that couples should use are le wand, vibrator, and cock ring. On the other hand, things work differently for girls who want to have solo fun. The most basic, yet the best ones to choose are dildos and vibrators. In many cases, they offer much more fun than one can have with a real person.

The presence of sex toys is something that let you experience pleasure & erotica without waiting for special ones. Investing in sex toys are beneficial for both men as well as women.


Sex toys are one of the most amazing ways of experiencing a pleasure. Many people come to Dubai alone without their partner who often feels a lack of pleasure in life. If you have a similar issue, then using sex toys can do wonders for you. Choose the right platform, and we are pretty assured that you will easily find the right sex toy. Our team strongly believes that this post has helped the readers in finding sex toys in Dubai with ease.